Let's change your "story", learn to say NO in five steps !

I am Jasmina Maravic, your Mind Editor - "your person" in the process

If this is your story:


  • You have tried every piece of advice on how to behave differently and feel better about yourself.
  • Still, the truth is you keep the same old habitual thinking and going through the same situations again and again, losing faith in your ability to change for the better,
  • feel no matter what you try, it is not going to work,
  • can’t say no to people,
  • have a hard time expressing what you want,
  • hate making a decision because of possible mistake,
  • fear that those around you will criticize choices you make.

Then you should be aware that:

  • anyone can have TWO SIZES BIGGER SELF WORTH,
  • it is possible to learn how to produce confidence from your own experience and
  •  this is the LAST TIME YOU LEARN HOW TO GAIN CONFIDENCE – because this knowledge stays with you !

How would you feel if nothing would ever change for the better?

  • Think of all the relationships whose improvement would make you feel much, much better in your life.
  • Now think how you would LIKE THEM TO BE – how would you feel then, what would you see, what would people around you say…

The difference between these two pictures is the cost you pay for not having confidence.

It takes three to five weeks to edit and change that unuseful, old “stories” that drain your energy and steal the happiness from you. Not one day longer.

This is how it goes...

  1. From the first session you feel differently,
  2. After the second one:  you know much more about yourself ,
  3. The third session: you start feeling much better about yoursef,
  4. The fourth is done and:  you behave according to your new self-awareness, and
  5. The fifth – you are fully capable of taking care of your newly acquired self- image, my editing job with you is done. 


Individual work is the most confidential, practical and the most successful part of my mission. There are brilliant results in your mind stories editing process. I am not modest; I am sincere. You have all my editing skills for yourself and more: you have my five-step program and all my support in the process - all the answers you may need between sessions, and the first-class mind editing tools to have them with you forever.


This happens when a couple of you want to get together and work together using my moderation skills. I walk you through the process of editing your unuseful "stories" and creating new ones. Use the beautiful energy and support of a group; it is good to know we are not alone and our situation is something others experience, too.

Workshops on popular topics....

Every Saturday I host workshops and teach you how to "edit "and change stories you tell yourself about yourself and you life. Explore topic and contact me - I send you a link, you click on it and there you are.