Law of attraction

Law of Attraction and how it works

Increasing the amount of water one can reduce the saltiness”. What does this mean ? Loo for the silver lining. The Law of attraction takes care of the rest. It works, like gravity, what we think about it is irrelevant.

Emotions are indicator of what you are creating for yourself, or attracting, if you prefer. 

If you want to use the this  powerful Law  for your advantage, you should make sure you feel good most of the time.Of course, this is easier said than done, you would say. 

Look around you, seek and you will find something that looks good when you see them. Look into your life and acknowledge every single success, a good thing, or the person you have in it. Daily.

Gratefullnes attracts more of what we appreciate. 

This is the way to practice it : 

1. before going to bed, think about what you have accomplished that day, no matter how small it is or how irrelevant it may sound. It is not;

2. think about people that were nice to you, people that have helped you, loved you;

3. if there are no small things – GO BIG: say thanks for your family, friends, health, brains, the education you may have! Be able to write down 10, 20, 50 good things about yourself and your life so far. 

4. If there are no big things you are grateful for (beginners find it very difficult to make a list of good stuff in the first two days), then GO GENERAL: be thankful for the things that are always working out for you somehow (they are, whether you are aware or not).you

This sounds simple, but it can be a rather challenging task for those whose habitual way of thinking is “predicting” bad things that will happen to protect themselves. It’s like any exercise – it takes a lot of effort and sweat, and pain initially.

In the beginning, you will need “the power…. to overcome friction and the inertia of the moving parts,” but it is worth every effort, and it takes a couple of days.

rules, board, circle

And why would anyone do this?

When you shout – No, I don’t want THIS TO HAPPEN !” – it is like you are saying “COME TO ME !” – and you get exactly what you think about. The “don’t” in the sentence simply doesn’t exist. Try to remember this. That’s why you get what you say, “I would never….”. Because “never” is also non-existent here.

The Law reads the rest of the sentence, and that is what you always get. Negations are ignored.

If you don’t believe me, stop for a moment and think through your experiences, good and bad ones and answer: what thoughts, what words have preceded them? Were you overly judgemental of others ? 

This is how you don’t get not what you want, but what you think about.

This is also why we get what we fear. Because fearing means thinking, imagining, giving energy to something.


Most people won’t accept this because that would make them responsible for their own experiences – which is very painful. It is much easier to surrender to inertia and blame something or someone.

Remember, everything you have now once was just a thought in your mind. Everything.

And you made it happen, no matter how you call that: the Law, the power, or something else…

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