All you wanted to know on my mind editing business

It is a type of coaching when my overall knowledge and formal education together with powerful coaching techniques I use  facilitate the transformation you desire. We change your story for good.

That simple. 

We all have stories we repeat to ourselves on a daily basis. Together, we edit that story and make it better, while still true.

We turn light on from the other side of your story. 

Smart, self-aware individuals who need somebody who will not judge them, but support and be honest in a meaningul way.

No, unlike therapy – coach doesn’t have to know any specific detail from your life to be able to help you. Besides, my business with you is done in five weeks the most, five sessions – while therapy sometimes goes on and on for years.

By coaching people. The more coach knows, the more people are happy with the services. Everybody can help somebody, but nobody can help everybody. It is essential to have that free introductory session, so both the coach and client can decide if their energies match. Because only then miracles happen.

The consultant consults you, tells you, suggests what to do and what not to do.

Coach only asks questions and makes you experience your a-ha moments.

It’s easy. You only DEPOSIT YOUR MONEY IN EXCHANGE FOR THE TRANSFORMATION YOU ARE ABOUT TO ACHIEVE, and my know-how packed in five one-hour sessions, one per week.

After five weeks, IF YOU DON’T FEEL YOU ARE WHERE WE AGREED YOU WILL BE, I refuse to keep your money and, even better – I will REFUND YOU THE MONEY WITH A 10% ON TOP OF IT: five sessions cost 300 dollars, and you get 330 dollars – that’s how confident I am in myself here.

It is your chance to experience group energy, that great feeling that you are not alone in whatever you are at the moment. Besides, it happens online (where you can be a completely anonymous member) or in person, which will enable you to meet amazing people and share experiences. Not to mention that you also have a lower price (it is two or three times cheaper, depending on the group) than in one-to-one sessions.

You shouldn’t.

However, what you should do is – book that free introductory talk. And with my refund policy (look under the question “What if I don’t like it ?” ), what is your risk??

Get to know me...

Let’s walk and talk for a while:  apply here for a free introductory session and see what happens.