My story...

When the therapist asked my husband if he had noticed any improvement in our life and communication in the past several months, he answered that I hadn’t given his summer shirts ironed yet, which speaks volumes, he had said. It was the beginning of May.

It was that moment. Shirts.

I have decided to let him go and to let something much better come my way.

Letting the marriage go was the point where change was a must – the moment when NOT TO CHANGE felt wrong. Why? I knew that I would have to be a good friend with him for the rest of my life if I want my son to be raised by both parents, which he deserves – which every child deserves.

And yet, it is not easy to be his friend at that moment while experiencing emotional turmoil.

So I decide it’s time for me to learn what I don’t know: to forgive, let go, to regain much-needed confidence, etc.

We are good friends today; our son is happy with both of us. We had a perfect divorce.

Today I help others do it the same way. However, there are three things to remember here:

  1. everything happens for a reason, therefore
  2. it is important to have faith in good outcomes, and
  3. we should take GOOD care of the children in the process.

By formal, “academic” education, I am a professor of Serbian language and literature, Master of electronic business.

But I have also learnt NLP mastery from Richard Bandler, and coaching mastery from Tonny Robbins, and being-happy-where-I-am mastery every day  since that day when the shirts “happened”.  Learning never stops.

Remember, all it takes is a moment when we say : NO MORE !

And you become master of your own life.